Connect with seat solution for taxis

This OC Cars & Mobility Ltd conversion transforms the Ford Connect into a taxi with versatile usage possibilities. Two tip & fold seats in the third row allow up to 6 passengers to be transported, while still offering plenty of space in the boot for luggage. Rotating the two seats to the side turns the Connect into a space-saving miracle with ample room for storage.

The tip & fold seats are comfortable and easy to operate. The integrated 3-point seat belt and adjustable headrest guarantee a safe journey.


  • 2x tip & fold seats in third row (LWB) provide maximum flexibility in a minimal space
  • Space for up to 6 passengers plus driver
  • Spacious passenger compartment provides lots of space for luggage
  • Tip & fold seats allow quick and flexible configuration of the passenger compartment
  • Seats with upholstery or artificial leather, integrated 3-point safety belt, adjustable headrest, armrest (optional)


Custom with folding seat

The OC Cars & Mobility Ltd folding seat makes it that much easier to get in and out of the passenger compartment. The seat can be easily tipped forward with the release button at the side or with a foot pedal from behind.


  • The foldable Smartseat M1 is tested and approved according to UN/ECE R14, R16 and R17
  • Seat with integral 3-point seat belt (left-hand)
  • Easy operation with release button and foot pedal
  • Original Ford Trend upholstery
  • Optional:
    – XL comfort seat
    – Armrest (right-hand)

Independence™ WAVs offer a world of choice. This versatile MPV provides options to suit most families or small groups. Whether you need extra headroom, more luggage space or even if you need space for two wheelchair passengers, the Independence™ can be built to suit your requirements.

Ford Independence RS™

Our classic model Ford Independence RS™ wheelchair car is available in a variety of seating layouts, to suit the needs of disabled and able-bodied passengers. The RS model has an option which allows the wheelchair passenger to sit directly behind the front passenger for journeys.

Independence RS™ can accommodate driver, wheelchair passenger and up to five seated passengers.

Example layouts*:

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