The Ford Grand Connect – rear low floor with access ramp allows the wheelchair user to be transported comfortably. The non-slip ramp allows easy access to the vehicle, where there is plenty of space in the passenger compartment due to the lowered floor pan. Protektor wheelchair & occupant restraint systems are provided to secure both the wheelchair and the wheelchair occupant. Extra protection is provided by the FutureSafe head & backrest.


    • Lowered floor from rear up to 2nd seat row
    • 4-point wheelchair restraint system with an adjustable lap & diagonal  seatbelt  for the wheelchair passenger
    • Modified fuel tank and exhaust system to accommodate a deep and level lowered floor
    • manufacture Original seats in the second row are preserved after conversion
    • Ramp: Flexi fold lightweight ramp with clear-view design which  allows to view through the back window
    • Lowered floor fully covered with matching upholstery
    • The center part or the rear bumper will be replaced on hatch, thus maintaining the original look
    • The original parking sensors remain functional after conversion



accessible conversion original floor

Wheelchair Accessible standard floor bus & PSV conversion


  • Wheelchair & occupant restraint system
  • Lap & Diagonal Seat belt 
  • Certified two piece portable folding ramp
  • Manufacture Original Ford custom 9 seats
  • Optional: Fixed clearview lightweight ramp

Ford Custom Independence Titanium RS/RE:  this multi-passenger vehicle is ideal for larger families or small groups requiring wheelchair accessible transport. Based on the Ford Tourneo Custom, Independence has undergone a revamp, both internally and externally. Powered by Ford’s Eco Blue 2.0-liter engine, the vehicle features improved fuel efficiency and ultralow emissions, while retaining ample driving power. Perfect for larger families or small groups, Independence brings unbeatable flexibility. With numerous spacious seating layouts on offer, all passengers can travel in comfort. See our model choice for all seating options.

Our classic model RS is available in a wide range of seating layouts accommodating drivers, wheelchair passengers, and up to five seated passengers. With the fixed seat positions, you have the option to have one or two seats on either side of the wheelchair.

The RE has been specially designed with a lowered floor to provide extra headroom, ideal for taller wheelchair users or those with a higher wheelchair or powerchair. The Easy Fold ramp has a low gradient, making wheelchair entry and exit easy and hassle-free.

 If you require a wheelchair accessible vehicle with ample space for two wheelchairs, the Twin model is for you. With all models in the Independence™ family, you can alter the seating capacity to gain more space within the vehicle if this suits your needs.

There’s also the option of an electric winch if you do need extra help. Once inside, the wheelchair user is secured by high quality, front and rear wheelchair restraints, while lap and diagonal seat belts ensure optimum safety.

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