Ramps & Tail Lifts

 When adding wheelchair accessible vehicles to your fleet, it’s important to consider which type of access you require. We have a variety of ramps and tail lifts to suit your needs, including mechanically assisted ramps, space saving ramps, and automatic internal lifts for larger minibuses. All our ramps are light, easy to use and have a low gradient to ensure optimum ease of access. 


Our high quality wheelchair restraints have been rigorously tested and provide optimum security when a wheelchair user is travelling. With different restraint options available we can cater for all types of wheelchairs, powerchairs and scooters.

Assist Winch

Our low angle wheelchair access ramps mean that most passengers can be assisted to enter the vehicle easily without the need for mechanical assistance. We can however provide a remote-controlled electric assist winch, should you or your customers prefer.


Seat Belts

Safety is paramount and all our seat belts undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. Our vehicles feature full lap and diagonal seat belts for wheelchair users as well as seated passengers.


For ease of access vehicles can be fitted with retractable steps. You can choose from electric or manual versions. Electric models are linked to the handbrake release action, so that they retract automatically when the vehicle starts into motion.


Grab Handles

Grab rails and handles are available in a variety of sizes to assist ambulant passengers when entering and exiting the vehicle.


Step and floor edging, grab rails and handles can all be highlighted in high visibility colours, for the benefit of passengers with impaired eyesight.


Interior Dimensions

Many of our wheelchair accessible vehicles feature specially lowered floors. This helps both in reduced angles for access ramps and improved head room. Alternatively, in some models, headroom is improved through a raised interior roof level.


Wheelchair Restraints System

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