Proace with LOW FLOOR 

The Toyota Proace Lowered Floor Taxi Conversion comes complete with –  low gradiante access ramp to allow the wheelchair user to be transported safely and comfortably. The Non Slip ramp allows easy access to the vehicle, where there is plenty of space in the passenger compartment because of the lowered floor plan.
A Wheelchair & Occupant restraint system is also included to secure both the wheelchair user and their chair securely.

Seating options:
– L1 = 7 Seats
– L1 = 5 Seats + 1 WC
– L2 = 7 Seats
– L2 = 5 Seats + 1 WC

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  • Lowered floor row 3.
  • Manufacture Original seats in the second row are preserved after conversion
  • 4-point wheelchair restraint system with an adjustable lap & diagonal seatbelt  for the wheelchair passenger
  • Ramp: EasyFlex folding ramp can be converted quickly to a loading area
  • Lowered floor covered with matching upholstery
  • The center part or the rear bumper will be replaced on hatch, thus maintaining the original look
  • The original parking sensors remain functional after conversion

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